HackTribe your E2S with a Colab Notebook

Follow-up to the post on the Hacktribe firmware project for the Electribe 2:

Colab Notebook as online step-by-step tutorial doing all the work – no need to install Python

Want to have a Hacktribe, but don’t want to install Python? You can use this Notebook – which you can run on a virtual Python environment provided by Google, called Colab. It creates a modified firmware file with Bangcorrupt’s scripts, as well as modified sample and pattern files from the existing samples and patterns on your Electribe Sampler.

Additional Python script to adapt sample bank AND pattern bank to the HackTribe firmware

There is also a new Python script the notebook uses, but which you can also run locally on your machine: It takes an e2sSample.all sample dump file, and a matching .e2sallpat pattern dump, and adapts them to the HackTribe by moving all samples to User sample space. The patterns are then modified to find the samples in their new locations.

You can find and download the script in my repository here.


In writing the script, I had to document parts of the sample dump file. bangcorrupt did not want to have documentation as part of the main hacktribe repository to be on the safe side of hacking/reengineering regulations, so I created a separate documentation repository. It’s quite empty so far.

Link to electribe2 doc repository.