Roland MKS-30 Firmware Update

Firmware update for the Roland MKS-30 Analog classic rack synthesizer:

  • MIDI CC control of all parameters [list of parameters here]
  • Sysex Load and Save of internal or cartridge patches (This requires a small hardware modification to convert MIDI Thru into a MIDI out jack, only used for patch saves)
  • Front panel and CC control of velocity usage: Off, Filter Env Amt, VCA Level, Filter and VCA (setting saved in patch)
  • Front panel and CC selection of Poly I, Rotary, or Poly II key assign mode (always defaults to Poly I at power up)
  • Bugfix: MIDI CC 01 mod wheel code no longer enables DCO I and DCO II frequency modulation automatically


Installing the firmware is not quite straightforward if you would like to make use of the Sysex feature. One extra connection has to be soldered inside the MKS-30 to enable MIDI Out on the MIDI Thru jack. Details [in this PDF here].

READ BEFORE SOLDERING: There is a downside to the mod. If you own Roland’s external PG-200 controller, or a modern replica like the DTronics DT200, there will be no MIDI OUT of the CC values from the controller – yet.



Tauntek MKS-30 Firmware Update Chip

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MKS-30 Firmware