Custom Firmware Shop

Distribution of rewritten retrofit firmware for vintage synths, with enhanced capabilities. Firmwares developed by – prices includes a license fee to the developer. (I.E.: You are totally supporting a brilliant engineer and his love for vintage music technology here!)

Custom firmware ROMs are available for these synths:

Price includes V.A.T where applicable; delivery to non-EU destinations may result in additional local taxes and customs charges.

If you are from the U.S., or a NAFTA country (i.e. Mexico or Canada), get the firmware chips faster, simpler and cheaper from the firmwares‘ creator at – no need to get that package from Europe through customs.

Payment via PayPal; deliveries may be returned and refunded within 14 days after receiving them. Return postage to be paid by customer.

The shop is run by:

Ingenieurbüro Günther Eggers
Tilsiter Str. 2
D-75181 Pforzheim
V.A.T. ID: DE 237 096 903