Oberheim Matrix-1000 Firmware


Matrix-1000 V1.20 Firmware Update ROM

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ROM chip with re-engineered firmware for the Oberheim Matrix-1000 synthesizer
Firmware chip for the Oberheim Matrix-1000, V1.20
Make your Matrix behave like a different synth - exchanging one simple chip makes it much more responsive to external MIDI control. A prerequisite for serious sound editing! GIF: M-1000 shows "120" on startup Firmware update engineered by Bob Grieb/tauntek.com. Sold with permission, license fee included.
What it does for your vintage Matrix module:  
  • Fast control response: Smooth, musical control of the 20 most-used parameters via MIDI
  • Control via MIDI NRPN in addition to Sysex control
  • Bug fixes
  • Unison detune control via MIDI CC #94
  • Values of controlled parameters shown on display while tweaking
Everything you need to know (and, actually, a lot more) on bit.ly/m1000firmware