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New life for an old machine – Matrix-1000 Firmware Update

Bob Grieb from tauntek.com worked up a new version v1.20 of the Matrix-1000 firmware which I help to distribute in Europe.

The advantages of the new firmware over the factory version v1.11 are:

  • Most important parameters respond in real-time, enabling you to play the synth shaping the sound
  • NPRN control of parameters enabled for real-time sound tweaking via DAW or MIDI controller
  • Value of parameters displayed on the synth’s LED when editing
  • ENV1 Sustain and ENV2->VCA control bugs fixed
  • GliGli’s Unison Detune mod enables detune control via CC #94

More details here.

EPROMs will be available for €25 plus P&P (€2,50 in Germany, €5 abroad). Half of it goes to Bob as a recognition of his endless hours of work in this thing, half of it is for the chip, handling, processing, eBay and Paypal charges, package, shipping, and the occasional beer. The order form is at the end of the document.

For Matrix-6/6R owners, there is Bob’s improved firmware V2.15. It fixes the bugs and speeds up parameters just like the Matrix-1000 firmware does, and is available for the same price.

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I have been the proud owner of one of these late 80s analog rack synthesizers since the early 90s – 1HU versions of the entry-level Oberheim Matrix-6 beast – and have spent some time understanding them. I have not been remotely as successful as some real engineers and hackers, but I have made some inroads:

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