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New life for an old machine – Matrix-1000 Firmware Update

Bob Grieb from tauntek.com wrote a new version v1.20 of the Matrix-1000 firmware which I help to distribute in Europe, with his consent.

The advantages of the new firmware over the factory version v1.11 are:

  • Most important parameters respond in real-time, enabling you to play the synth shaping the sound
  • NPRN control of parameters enabled for real-time sound tweaking via DAW or MIDI controller
  • Value of parameters displayed on the synth’s LED when editing
  • ENV1 Sustain and ENV2->VCA control bugs fixed
  • GliGli’s Unison Detune mod enables detune control via CC #94

More details here.

For Matrix-6/6R owners, there is Bob’s improved firmware V2.15. It fixes the bugs and speeds up parameters just like the Matrix-1000 firmware does, and is available for the same price.

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I have been the proud owner of one of these late 80s analog rack synthesizers since the early 90s – 1HU versions of the entry-level Oberheim Matrix-6 beast – and have spent some time understanding them. I have not been remotely as successful as some real engineers and hackers, but I have made some inroads:

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