Prophet-5 V3.3 Firmware V10.6

Don’t you feel so lucky to own an original SCI Prophet-5? How about giving that machine a little extra love?

With the revised and rewritten V10.6 code for the P-5 Version 3.3, a lot of issues and nuisances can be fixed:

  • MIDI Sysex bug (single program dump) fixed – it is now properly terminated with the 0XF7h
  • MIDI channel and Omni/Poly settings are now saved when power is off.
  • Program change enable/disable setting is now saved when power is off.
  • A “MIDI program dump receive disable” setting reduces the chances of having your patches erased by MIDI input buffer overload.

It also adds these features:

  • Variable Unison Detune – Osc B Fine pot controls the amount of detune. This is only active in Unison mode. Unison de-tune amount is stored with the program, since it uses the Osc B Fine setting. This feature can be disabled if you only want Osc B Fine in all cases, and that setting is non-volatile.
  • New Uni1 mode added. A separate (global) NV setting selects between one or two voices for Uni1 mode.
  • “Latch/Hold mode” added. Notes will sound after their keys are released in this mode.
  • Transpose feature added (which was in the code before, but only accessible using the external sequencer). MIDI and local keyboard notes are affected.
  • “Dump All” feature added to transmit all 120 programs via MIDI Sysex in one batch
  • Voice tuning progress is displayed on the program LEDs, and if an oscillator fails to tune, its pattern is flashed when tuning ends.
  • Voice activity display can be enabled to show which voices are being used, using the program LEDs. This setting is non-volatile.

This update only works with a Prophet-5 Model 3.3 with the original SCI/Sequential MIDI board, NOT with a Kenton MIDI retrofit or other.

P5 ROM sets with the V10.6 version are available for €80 per unit. Please contact me.