Oberheim Matrix-6/R Firmware


Matrix-6/R Fimware Update ROM V2.15

Item number: 0003
Item price: 31,50 EUR
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ROM chip with re-engineered firmware for the Oberheim Matrix-6/R synthesizer
Chip with updated firmware for Oberheim Matrix-6 and 6R, V2.15
Firmware created by Bob Grieb (tauntek.com). Sold with permission, license fee for firmware included.b
What does it do for your Matrix-6?
  • Fast control response: Smooth, musical control of the most-used parameters - the handling of 20 frequently-used parameters is speeded up to real-time. No stepping, no freezing.
  • Bugfixes: MIDI control of parameters 29 (ENV2 to VCA) fixed, MIDI control of modulation parameters allowing for negative modulation values.
  • All you need to know about the update – how it is installed, how it works, what it does: bit.ly/m6firmware
  • Some of the information found on my Matrix-1000 page applies to the older synth as well.