SCI Six-Trak Firmware V14


SCI Six-Trak Firmware Update V14

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Chip with updated firmware V14 for Sequential's Six Trak
Chip with upgraded firmware for Sequential’s Six-Trak synthesizer
21st-century bug-fix and partial rewrite of the latest firmware for the Sequential Circuits (SCI) Six-Trak vintage analog synth, enhancing its functionality and fixing some problems. Firmware engineered by Bob Grieb (, sold with permission. License fee to author included.
What it does for your Six-Trak:
  • Bug fix for problem with CC control of the uppermost two voices in multi-timbral mode
  • Unison Detune added (stored in the Osc Fine Tune parameter)
  • Patch select using the value pot (in addition to selection via keypad)
  • Additional parameter (front panel #37, MIDI CC #39) to control LFO behaviour

Note: The code is also available for download via Bob’s page, so you could burn it yourself. When you are buying the firmware chip here, the firmware author gets a share – meaning that you are supporting the work of a brilliant engineer with a true love for vintage synth gear.

More on Bob’s page.