Did you know that those rotary switches from Minimoog and Co. can be configured?

Sechs ausgebaute Drehschalter aus einer Minimoog-Kopie

That you can change a three-position switch into one with up to eleven positions?

I didn’t.

If you followed my plans for building a Midimoog, you know that I really like Bjarne’s DIY Moog case but have two minor criticisms: One, the keyboard. I’ve learned. More on that below. And two, the six rotary switches did not have the necessary six positions but only three each.

So I ordered some replacements at Musikding.

When I tried to insert one of them, the silver disc from the top slipped away. I had thought that this is just a simple spacer and was surprised to find it had a small nose. And I was even more surprised when I discovered that the switch now only had two positions!

Drehschalter in der Aufsicht, deutlich sichtbar die Beschriftung

And thus I was enlightened: You can configure these switches by setting the ring to the number of positions you want – just put the nose in the hole at the number marker for the number of positions: 2, 3, 4… up to 11. (Yes, these switches DO go to 11!)

So now you know as well.

The keyboard is actually exactly what I need…

…as it is almost identical to the yellowed old one from my Blofeld which I wanted to use. They are both from FATAR, the Blofeld keyboard only featuring weighted keys and aftertouch, but electrically, they seem to be identical. And this means that I can salvage the scanner electronics and use them for the Blofeld keyboard as well. Easy! Making progress.

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