Sandwich toaster Krups FDK451 – how to dismount it to fix the holding clip

…and don’t listen to the random guy on Youtbe.

This seems to happen quite often:

It is no problem to get a replacement holding clip, and it’s cheap. The larger problem is to fit the replacement part, as you will have to take the top part of the housing apart for that.

Upper case shell is held by four screws

To refit the replacement clip, you will have to take apart only the top part.

Die vier Halteschrauben

It is held by those four standard crossblade screws. Two of them are easy to reach, two can only be reached by removing the inner grip cover by wedgeing it out. Unfortunately, that means that you will most likely destroy it…

Geschraubte Metallklammer hält Plastikdübel fest

…due to these nasty buggers: They hold the plastic extensions of the cover, and they hold them rather too well.

Holding clip is held by a fixation

The holding clip is held by a fixation that is held by another two screws. You could reach them without taking the top shell off, but it is easier to work this way.

I glued the the grip cover parts back together, but you might be able to get hold of a spare cover.

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