Turning the R3 into my holiday keytar.

Okay, it’s dodgy, but aren’t keytars just?

The R3 is a strange beast – I think it’s severely underrated, I think it is one hell of a synth, I think it is great for going on holiday, and I think it is butt-ugly.

R3 with guitar strap

You may notice that this R3 now features a very sensible addition: a shoulder strap. You may also notice that the keyboard has turned really, really yellow – especially when you compare it with this 7-year old photo of my first attempt of modding it. I never came round to upgrading it with an aftertouch sensor – although that is still on my list, but this is so simple that I could do it in between last chores for work and packing.

Bought two guitar strap buttons at a music store. Screwed them into the sides, with a metal disc glued to the inside to bear the load.

Sourced this rechargeable battery pack. This type of battery usually powers drills, and heatable vests, and it supplies 12V with 3Ah, which should guarantee for hours and hours of playing.

I have even prepared a grip, which I am going to stick to the right side – yes, I am going to play it like a left-hand bass guitar. And yes, the grip is from a Carrera race game, which is quite suitable for something as dodgy as a homebrew bass keytar.

External boombox amplifier not include.

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