SCI Six-Trak Firmware V14

21st-century bug-fix and partial rewrite of the latest firmware for the Sequential Circuits (SCI) Six-Trak vintage analog synth, enhancing its functionality and fixing some problems.

Rewritten by Bob Grieb 2017 – – new features:

  • Bug fix for problem with CC control of the uppermost two voices in multi-timbral mode
  • Unison Detune added (stored in the Osc Fine Tune parameter)
  • Patch select using the value pot (in addition to selection via keypad)
  • Additional parameter (front panel #37, MIDI CC #39) to control LFO behaviour: 0 = normal, 1 = no modulation, 2 = full modulation

Note: The code is also available for download via Bob’s page, so you could burn it yourself. When you are buying the firmware chip here, the firmware author gets a share – meaning that you are supporting the work of a brilliant engineer with a true love for vintage synth gear.

The chip is available for a price of €30 plus shipping (€5 p&p; international mail); this includes the license fee to the author, Bob Grieb.