Shipping costs

The chips are shipped in an antistatic box in a letter, as a Deutsche Post goods shipment. Please note that this is, by default, not trackable.

  • Packaging and shipping to non-German destinations: € 5,00
  • Intra-German shipment: € 3,50

Tracking is possible if you choose a registered shipment for an additional charge:

  • Registered shipment to EU destination: € 7,50
  • Registered shipment to non-EU destination: € 8,00
  • Intra-German „Einschreiben“: € 7,00

Due to CoViD-19, some countries like the U.S., or Australia, do not process this type of shipment through customs – at all. This does unfortunately mean that it is not possible to deliver to these destinations.

Living in the U.S. or another NAFTA country? Please contact Bob Grieb – you will get the chips much faster from him, and without having to clear them through customs.