Akai AX-80 firmware rev. I2/K2/L2

21st-century partial rewrite of the latest firmware for the Akai AX-80 vintage analog synth, enhancing its functionality and fixing some problems.

Rewritten by Bob Grieb 2017 – tauntek.com

  • MIDI Sysex patch save and restore – saves or restores Bank A and B patches in one operation
  • MIDI Sysex and cc parameter changes are now supported
  • Non-volatile storage of MIDI send and receive channel setting, current patch, and NVLFOFR variable
  • Selectable free-running LFO’s mode, controlled by NVLFOFR variable
  • VCF cutoff parameter changes are now applied immediately
  • Current program and bank are displayed when program Write is initiated
  • MIDI channel-setting displays changed to rC and SC for receive channel and send channel

A PDF instruction sheet is available for download here: AX80NewFWinstrs

The chip is available for a price of €30 plus shipping (€5 p&p; international mail); this includes a license fee for the software to the author, Bob Grieb. On ordering, please state which version of the original firmware is running in your AX-80 – there are three, named I, K, and L. You will have to open your synth and take a look.

By the way: you may also download the code from Bob’s page if you would like to burn the PROM for yourself, provided you pay the license fee directly to him.