Get your Matrix-1000 battery replaced FOR FREE!

Want that ancient battery in your M-1000 replaced but have no clue how to do it? I am looking for one person to give me their Matrix for the operation – to do a tutorial. You won’t have to pay for anything but the shipping cost – but I’d need you to agree to the terms and conditions (see below)

M1000 PCB view with battery in the lower left corner
This one is fixed – the battery in my own M-1000 sits in a battery holder now and is fit to survive the next couple of decades.

These days, whenever somebody enquires about the improved firmware I am selling, I recommend changing not only the firmware chip but the battery as well. This battery, located in the lower left corner of the PCB next to the volume knob, is responsible for keeping the the Matrix’ memory chip running when the unit is switched off, so that your synth remembers all those meaty vintage sounds in banks 0 and 1. It has been doing that reliably for decades now, and it is a marvel that the battery is still working after all that time.

Unfortunately, replacing this battery is no simple switch operation, as the old battery is soldered in without a battery holder. (Remember, the Matrix-1000 was a budget machine back then.) So a minimum amount of soldering is required – no big deal, and certainly doable for almost everybody, but I would like to do a (video) tutorial, and I would need another Matrix-1000 for that. Maybe yours?

Terms and Conditions

Here is what you would need to agree to:

  • I am picking ONE from the first five people to contact me about this. My decision is arbitrary.
  • You would need to bear the shipping cost. I would need to get a battery holder and a battery for you. I might also replace the firmware if needed.
  • You, the owner, would also bear the risk – loss of memory, shipping damage, or a CEM3396 voice chip that decides to die right now, I won’t do anything about those. I will, of course, make up for any damage caused by recklessness and negligience – so if I drop my soldering iron into a live Matrix-1000, or set it on fire by connecting to the wrong voltage, I will make good for it.
  • I will only exchange the battery, and the firmware. I cannot do any other modifications or repairs.
  • Your synth will feature in a video.

Agree? Interested? Just contact me.

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2 thoughts on “Get your Matrix-1000 battery replaced FOR FREE!

  1. Are you maybe maybe interested in only the M1000 motherboard on its own?
    I have one laying around here, somebody cut it out of its 19inch enclosure… supposedly it was working, got it for cheap, plan to some day put it in an alternative day now…
    It would be much simpler to ship, and might be enough for the tutorial?

    • Hey Rik, sorry for not replying any earlier. I won’t be able to do that – first, I don’t have a PSU at hand, and second, I want to show the whole process just as it works for the average M1000 owner. Thanks a lot for your offer, but I will have to pass.

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